Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tea Cake Bake Shop

Once I found Tea Cake Bakeshop, I was a little disappointed to find that they are located in an outdoor shopping area/strip mall. I guess I was hoping for something on a smaller scale since the decor is so cute.

Tea Cake Bakeshop is cute, but the lay out seemed a bit awkward. The display case did not have any cupcakes, but instead had some other decent looking sweets. The cupcakes were all on display along the windows on cake stands. The cupcakes themselves were gorgeous,but we weren't allowed to take from the ones on display. That seems weird to me...if I go into a bakery I expect the b
aked goods to be rotated through not just sitting on display.

After selecting a few basic flavors to try, I headed home to do some taste testing. I roped my boyfriend in to get his opinion on the flavors too. We agreed that the cupcakes were too sweet. Some might object that a cupcake can n
ever be too sweet, well I disagree. I was really disappointed because these cupcakes were so cute. Ah well, back to my search for the perfect cupcake....

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