Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kara's Cupcakes

Well, I finally made it over to Kara's Cupcakes and this time I remembered to bring my camera. I love that Kara's is an actual cupcake bakery that uses local organic ingredients. The decor is very sophisticated, but at the same time cute. On my first visit I had the Chocolate Velvet, which was delicious. Not too sweet, but very tasty.
My second visit wasn't as great. I decided to try their Sweet Vanilla and Kara's Karot. The sweet vanilla cake was decent, but had a funny taste to it. I think it might have been almond extract, which I don't get because it's a vanilla cupcake. The vanilla butter cream was light and airy, but lacked flavor. The carrot cake was moist, maybe a little too moist-it was falling apart! It had nuts and raisins, which didn't seem right in a cupcake. The cream cheese frosting was probably the best part.
I'll visit Kara's again because I'm curious to try the other cupcake varieties they have, like the Passion Fruit filled cupcake.

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